2007-2009   MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology    Cambridge, MA

Master of Science in Media Arts & Sciences

2003-2006   Concordia University    Montreal, QC

Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours
Minor in Digital Image/Sound and the Fine Arts


2013-Present   Data Visualization Engineer, Bocoup   Boston, MA

Develop applications for the web using open source technologies.

2009-2013   Research Developer, Visual Communication Lab, IBM Research   Cambridge, MA

Design and develop innovative information visualization systems for use by a broad audience.

Designed, developed and deployed Many Bills (, a publicly accessible web based visualization of congressional legislation. Work on this project has been published in CHI and SIGIR conferences, and the project was also an Official 2011 Webby Awards Honoree.

Conduct user research on use of data visualization and user behaviour in data heavy workflows.

2007-2009   Graduate Research Assistant, Sociable Media group, MIT Media lab   Cambridge, MA

Research on new ways for individuals and communities to communicate and collaborate.

Built and launched a web based visual microblogging tool that allowed people to document their everyday data and create statistical graphs of their lives using a simple twitter-like text interface.

For my thesis work I created a novel programming environment to encourage collaboration between distributed programmers within communities of practice by tracking and visualizing the movement of code within the community with very fine granularity.

Gave numerous presentations to sponsors in both small and large groups.

2005-2007   Software Developer, Obx labs, Concordia university    Montreal, QC

Software development on NextText and TextEngine libraries for dynamic typography and its integration with real time human performance.

Design, both technical and aesthetic, and implementation of installation and performance art pieces using said libraries. Led a team of three developers (coordinated software development schedule and process) during my last six months there.

2004-2007   Teaching assistant, Concordia university    Montreal, QC

Gave tutorials to aid student understanding of material presented in class. Prepared practice exercises & learning resources. Marked assignments and provided feedback to students. Courses include:

  • COMP 248: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
  • COMP 335: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
  • COMP 471: Computer Graphics (Max/Jitter)


Data Visualization, Interaction Design, User Research (primarily qualitative)

Javascript, Ruby (+ Rails), Python, Java, HTML/CSS, C/C++, OpenGL, OpenCV, Max/MSP/Jitter, SQL, CouchDB, Version Control Software (Git, Bazaar, CVS), Adobe Illustrator


Many Bills: Visualizing the Anatomy of Congressional Legislation. With Elif Aktolga, Irene Ros, Joan Morris DiMicco. AAAI-11 Workshop on Scalable Integration of Analytics and Visualization, Aug 2011.

Detecting outlier sections in us congressional legislation. With Elif Aktolga, Irene Ros. Proceedings of SIGIR 2011, July 24-28 2011.

Many bills: engaging citizens through visualizations of congressional legislation. With Irene Ros, Joan Morris DiMicco, Matt McKeon. Proceedings of CHI 2011, May 7-12 2011.

Share: A programming environment for loosely bound cooperation. With J. Donath. To appear in proceedings of CHI 2010.

DocBlocks: Communication-minded Visualization of Topics in U.S. Congressional Bills. With I. Ros, M Mckeon. To appear in extended abstracts of CHI 2010.

Mycrocosm: Visual Microblogging. With J. Donath. 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 4-8, 2009, Waikoloa, Hawaii

Taking Sides: Dynamic Text and Hip-Hop. With J. Lewis. 14th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, October 22-28, 2006, Santa Barbara, California.

Awards & Distinctions

2005/2006, Dean's List, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University

2004/2005, Dean's List, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University