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Desktop & Web
Stereotropes /// A visualization of gender representation of character tropes in film and media. (2015)
OpenVis Videos /// Visualization and User Interface for browsing the conference talks from OpenVis 2014 (2014)
Tweets in a Visualization /// A quick sketch in creating a playful way to examine various features of your twitter stream. (2010)
Many Bills /// Publicly accessible web based visualization of congressional legislation that uses machine learning to reveal the topical substructure of bills. (2009/2010)
Share /// MS thesis project. A programming environment for loosely bound communities of programmers. Initially targeted at processing users. (2009)
Mycrocosm /// Visual Microblogging website. Share your life in graphs! (2008)
Compass /// Undergraduate Senior Project. An information retrieval tool that uses the text of a document you are currently examining to re-rank search results. (2006)
Cellular Auto-Granulator /// Cellular Automata + Granular Synthesis. Max/MSP based tool for granular re-synthesis of audio. Used to make one of the pieces below. (2005)

etude 3: diptych

etude 3: diptych /// Composed using material generated using the cellular auto-granulator, this piece is a study in granular synthesis, microsound and glitch techniques. (07:10 - 2005)

transitions: triptych

transitions: triptych /// The ten second burst of noise heard at the beginning of the track provides all the source material used for the rest of the composition. A trip from noise to abstract compostion, with references to the familiar along the way. (03:00 - 2005)
Interactive Art
Metropath(ologies) /// Art installation at MIT Museum. Part of a larger exhibition by the MIT Media Lab Sociable Media Group. Watch Video (2009)
The Quick Brown Fox /// Dynamic typeface whose form and evolution is paramaterized by your voice. (2007)
Passage Oublié /// Art installation inviting discussion on the topic of extraordinary rendition. Installed for over a year in Toronto's Pearson International Airport. (2007)
Fugue #8 /// Spoken word performance piece for voice and dynamic type. (2007)
Taking Sides /// Rap & Dynamic Typography (2006)

reading: present continuous /// Project exploring the deliberate act of reading a text (2004)