OpenVis Conf Talks 2017  Network themed visualization of conference talks from OpenVis. Speakers are connected by transcript similarity and tag groups. (2017)
Stereotropes  A visualization of gender representation of character tropes in film and media. (2015)
OpenVis Conf Talks 2014  Visualization of conference talks from OpenVis. Dominant colors in speaker slides extracted to form basis of the visualization. (2014)
Tweets in a Visualization  A quick sketch in creating a playful way to examine various features of your twitter stream. (2010)
Many Bills  Publicly accessible web based visualization of congressional legislation that uses machine learning to reveal the topical substructure of bills. (2009/2010)
Share  MS thesis project. A networked programming environment that tracked and visualized code reuse within a community of artist-programmers (2009).
Mycrocosm  Visual data-driven microblogging website. Exploring the visual language of statistics and data visualization for personal expression. (2008)
Compass  Undergraduate Senior Project. An information retrieval tool that uses the text of a document you are currently examining to re-rank search results. (2006)
A thousand ways to draw a thing.  An experiment with the Quick Draw! dataset that uses Principal Component Analysis to explore variation in hand-drawn doodles (2017)
Metropath(ologies)  Art installation at MIT Museum. Part of a larger exhibition by the MIT Media Lab Sociable Media Group. Watch Video (2009)
The Quick Brown Fox  Dynamic typeface whose form and evolution is paramaterized by your voice. (2007)
Passage Oublié  Site specific art installation on the topic of extraordinary rendition. Installed for over a year in Toronto's Pearson International Airport. (2007)
Fugue #8  Spoken word performance piece for voice and dynamic type. (2007)
Taking Sides  Rap & Dynamic Typography performance piece (2006)
Cellular Auto-Granulator  Cellular Automata + Granular Synthesis. Max/MSP based tool for granular re-synthesis of audio. (2005)