I lean towards things at the intersection of computation and design.

Currently, I am a software engineer at Google Brain where I work machine learning, visualization and HCI as part of the PAIR team.

Before that I worked at Bocoup as a senior data visualization engineer, where I designed and built web based data visualizations for clients using open source technologies.

Prior to that I worked at the Visual Communication Lab at IBM Research, where I worked on a number of information visualization research projects. These ranged from timelines to visualizing larget text corpora to the behaviour of people in social networks.

Before the VCL I was a masters student in the Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. where I worked on projects that explored information visualization for everyday use and it's use as a visual language for communication and identity representation. Additionally, as part of my thesis work, I created tools to support open source style development in artist-programmer comunities of practice.

Before coming to MIT I worked at OBX Labs (an art research lab) where I worked on integrating typography and live human performance. OBX is located at Concordia University, Montreal where I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Image Sound and the Fine Arts (now known as Computation Art).

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